There has been evidence that racial prejudice and economic status plays a large role in discrimination and has  consistently been implicated as a core factor for many of the problems that plague African-Americans and various minorities that leads to prejudice behavior, police brutality, and mass incarcerations; health disparities, low economic development and  lack of educational resources and support.

With this in mind, Athens Anti-Discrimination Movement core programs are designed to address racial and social issues that disproportionately impact minorities and to fight against discrimination.

Support the Movement!

Volunteers needed for the following programs (must be a current member of AADM.

  • Civil Rights and Racial Justice: 3 advocates and 2 researchers
  • Community and Minority Business Development: assisting program manager and 5 team members
  • 10 openings for AADM Teen Social Justice Committee ages 13-18 (welcomed)

If you’re a member of AADM and interested in volunteering for one of the above position please  fill out the for below: