Press Release-Know Your Rights: Sexual Assault Involving Drugs and Alcohol

For Immediate Release

January 18, 2018

Know Your Rights: Sexual Assault Involving Drugs and Alcohol 

Thursday, January 25th-AADM UGA Student Chapter will host Know Your Rights: Sexual Assault Involving Drugs and Alcohol workshop at UGA Tate, room 141, 6p to 8p. The main goal of this workshop is to address the discrimination against Women of Color reporting their cases of sexual assault. Specifically, the workshop focuses on black female victims who were sexually assaulted while they were intoxicated.  One out of five black females are rape victims (Black et al. 2011) and sexual assault is one of the main pathways of systematic oppression of women, and furthermore, the under-reporting of rape at most colleges is an institutional phenomenon.

The workshop will focus on black female victims because although black women are about as likely to be sexually assaulted, only 17% of black females report rape (Justice Dept, 2005), and only 21% of black females attended clinics and facilities for sexual assault survivors (Weist et al., 2014).  That is why AADM wants to highlight that sexual assaults involving drugs and alcohol oppress black female victims with sexism and racism.  AADM feels the need to emphasize rapists who attack black female victims on drugs and or alcohol, have a strong security blanket that protects them from being reported. If the black female victims report the rapist to the police, they will probably have to admit they were intoxicated.

Workshop Topics include: How drugs + alcohol prevent Black female survivors from reporting sexual assaults presented by Brean’a M. Parker M.Ed Professional Counseling 2016, NCC. Doctoral Student-Counselor Education and Student Personnel Services Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

History of Black women’s crucial role in activism and how white men erased it. Presenter: Prof. Chris Linder, Ph.D. Department of Counseling and Human Development Services Title IX of the Civil Rights Act (Title IX coordinator).  Presenter: Courtney Hamil Title IX coordinator, Emmanuel College Director of Student Life, Emmanuel College

Your rights as a victim/Georgia’s laws on rape and sexual assault Presenter Jean Mangan, JD Staff attorney for Prof. Hetherington, JD.

Providing resources and how to report sexual assaults Presenter Linnea Ionno, Advocate for Adult Services, The Cottage: Sexual Assault Center & Children’s Advocacy Center.

AADM seeks to educate and empower young women who may have been victims of sexual assault, know a friend, or family member that has been assaulted. This workshop also is great for social workers and educators. For more information, please email AADM UGA School co-president Em Eilbert at visit