Post Press Release & Video: The first complaint of discrimination filed against a downtown

Below you will find a video and a follow-up press release regarding the first complaint of discrimination filed against a downtown bar. A press conference was held on Tuesday, May 23, 2017, 12:30 pm at Athens Clarke County Library  disclosing more information about this incident. Please review and share info..

For immediate release:
Athens, Ga – The first complaint of discrimination filed against a downtown Athens bar since the passage of the alcohol admittance ordinance in November of last year was filed last week with the City Attorney’s office. The victim is being supported in this matter by the Athens Anti-Discrimination Movement and a prominent local attorney. The Athens Clarke-County attorney’s office will review formal complaint and decide whether the complaint is actionable under the ordinance and whether to prosecute. Ken Dious, a pioneering lawyer with more than forty years of experience in the practice of law, will partner with Ryan Heron, Of Counsel with D.P. Heimerich and legal counsel for AADM, to represent Kendrick Bullock in this matter.
On the evening of April 1, 2017, Bullock was denied entry to 9d’s Bar at their door on the grounds that he did not meet 9d’s dress code. As his brother recorded the encounter on his cell phone, 9d’s employees failed to produced signage that detailed the bar’s dress code. According to the amended alcohol ordinance, public signage is required if a bar chooses to enforce a dress code policy.
AADM, an organization determined to protect the civil rights of citizens of Athens and her surrounding communities, have previously advocated for the Mayor and Commission to step up enforcement of the amended alcohol ordinance. With the unwarranted humiliation Bullock faced, and a clear case of discrimination now public, the need to extend signage requirements to all bars, with or without a dress code and during private events, must be a priority.
In 2017 alone, AADM received multiple online complaints that alleged discrimination at bars in downtown Athens. Bullock’s case signifies not only the lack of faith many in the Athens community have about the City’s commitment to weeding out these discriminatory actors, but also their fear of potential retaliation. For anyone with inside knowledge of discrimination at downtown bars or any of its victims, AADM strongly encourages that you make a statement.

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  1. Thank you fellas for stepping up. Discrimination has been going on so long that the community has adjusted by simply going elsewhere. Not anymore, you guys efforts won’t go unnoticed. Thank you!

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