Moving Athens Confederate Monument-Open Letter

An Open Letter to ACC Mayor and Athens Clarke County Commissioners:

To truly create a more welcoming, respectful, and inclusive community, we must now cease to uplift those who have, in the past, or do now, seek to oppress or minimize the rights or humanity of any people in our community.

We can no longer whitewash history nor fail to acknowledge the symbols in our city that continue to promote racism.  The Civil War was America’s bloodiest war.  Over 620,000 people died in that conflict. The central issue of the war was whether or not one human being had THE RIGHT TO OWN ANOTHER HUMAN BEING.  Yet history has been twisted to hide that ugly fact, particularly here in the South.

One has but to read the Declaration of the Causes for Georgia’s seceding from the Union, from 1861 – Or take a  short walk to the the University of Georgia archives which will reveal an historical handwritten document on display that confirms the true reason for the Civil War: the slavery of a race of people.

With great respect, we request that Athens Clarke County Mayor and Commission consider the following:

  • Move the Soldiers Confederate Monument on Broad Street to another location

  • Add another monument that tells the full story – one that represents the future of Athens

  • Add this topic to October 3rd Mayor and Commission meeting agenda

We believe that such actions and leadership will truly speak volumes to the citizens of Athens and create hope for the underprivileged and  that our government’s willingness to move in the right direction might be a new beginning for our community.

Systemic discrimination, education inequality, poverty, and mass incarceration plague the Black Community of Athens Clarke County.  By taking action and refusing to uphold symbolism that lauds white supremacy in our community, we can show that we do not fear the truth, but embrace it. We may not be able to change the past, but together we can build hope for the future and a more welcoming community for all.

A public meeting will be held Monday, October 2 at 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM at Athens Clarke County Library 2025 Baxter Street to get public feedback and discuss moving Athens Confederate Monument and AADM plan of action. Click here to provide your feed back.