Know Your Rights Workshop

AADM “Know Your Rights workshops” is designed to help citizens learn how to protect his/her  legal rights when interacting with police officers.   This informational session can be customized to address teens or adults and  will provide an overview of legal and civil rights that protect everyday citizens.  Attendees will participate in various hands on activities and create a plan of action, receive a list of possible legal representation, and access to resources available at the local and state levels.

Topics may include:

  • What to do if stopped by police officers
  •  Minors dos and don’ts when interacting with the police (School or Street Officers)
  • What to do if officers come to you home
  • How to respond if you feel your rights have been violated
  • What to do if you are to get arrested
  • Know You Rights as an activist
  • Juvenile Laws and policies that may impact your future

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