Fight for your city-Athens 2018 Comprehensive Plan

Do you want more land use for affordable housing, healthy food stores, and job opportunities? The current proposed comprehensive plan doesn’t incorporate principles of social equity. So I encourage you to stand up and speak out! Tell your local government how to meet your needs. Please submit your comment to  For more information read AADM Letter to ACCUG. Also join us at the next planning commission meeting, Wednesday, February 7, 5:30 pm, Planning Department 120 Dougherty Street, Athens Ga.

Dear Athens Planning Department and Athens Clarke County Mayor and Commissioners 

Athens Anti-Discrimination Movement (AADM) members are deeply concerned about the newly proposed comprehensive plan. This current proposal will divide our community based on economic status and only lead to creating a less diverse and inclusive community where all can live, work, and prosper. We fear that a portion of this comprehensive plan will exclude lower-income residents, communities of color and will result in the displacement of those families. Thus, if the Mayor and Commission genuinely desire to create a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable Athens, they will not move forward with this plan without seeking ways to create a more inclusionary vision.


  • It is more likely to drive longtime residents out of what is one of the few remaining in-town working-class neighborhoods. 
  • It will become more difficult for residents to buy a home within those areas pushing them to the outskirts of Athens where there is limited access to public transportation. 
  • Access will become more difficult for our small business owners and smaller scale redevelopment efforts by local entrepreneurs.
  • Land use will also impact school districts (including the prevailing demographics of particular schools & expansion needs for new schools)
  • Issues of community health (toxic pollutants from high rise buildings and increased traffic)

AADM Requests:

  1. Extend the time allocated for public input. The new (55 pg) comprehensive plan was released 3-4 days before the deadline for public input February 2, 2018. This notice does not give the general public enough time to comprehend and respond to this critical matter that will negatively impact lower-income families and working-class citizens’ livelihoods
  2. Create an inclusionary zoning policy in these areas as developers proposing higher density projects. We cannot allow outside investors to benefit from our community without giving back to the community. 
  3. We want to know and ask that our local government clearly provide a rationale for how this plan with help the nearly 40% of Athens Clarke residents who live in poverty.

Submitted by Mokah-Jasmine Johnson-President and AADM Board Members 

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