End School to Prison-June 2018

AADM End School to prison pipeline seminar is designed to combat the School to Prison Pipeline system and teach attendees such as educators, social workers, and school officials, alternatives to punitive punishment that could be implemented in the classroom or overall school system.

AADM goal is to address the disproportionate impact on minority students by school suspension and expulsion policies,  which leads to high drop out rates and incarceration.

Topics may include:

  • Positive solutions for school discipline
  • How to combat punitive policies
  • Restorative justice strategies in the classroom
  • Benefit of Mindfulness in the classroom
  • How to build relationship with students and parents
  • Diversity and Inclusiveness in the classroom
  • Mindfulness

April 2018-ESTPP Seminar

September 2018-ESTPP Conference

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