End School To Prison Pipeline Conference

On an average, states spend $88,000 to incarcerate youth but only $10,000 to educate them. In the past 20 years, the amount spent on incarceration, parole and probation increased 6 times more than money for colleges and universities. In times of budget cuts and struggling schools, the United States spends 70 billion dollars a year on incarceration (Dignity School.org).

AADM Teen Social Justice Committee will focus on developing an advocacy program in order to combat the School to Prison Pipeline system and reduce the disproportionate impact on minority students due to school suspension and expulsion policies,  which leads to high drop out rates and incarceration.

End School to Prison Pipeline Conference
Saturday, September 23rd
Time: 9:30-1:30 pm ….More details coming soon.
Where: 2025 Baxter Street Athens, Ga 30606


  • Mindfulness
  • Know Your Rights
  • Diversity and Inclusion in the Classroom
  • Restorative Justice
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Review ACC School Codes and Policies
  • ESPP Advocate Roles and Responsibilities
  • Juvenile Justice

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