Diversity and Inclusion Workshop

AADM Diversity training is designed to create a positive work or learning environment. By attending workshops, participants will learn the proper way to treat staff members, consumers, and/or students of different cultural backgrounds. Our overall goal is to break systematic discrimination, to help professionals create a more welcoming environment in the classroom or workplace, and to prevent civil rights violations.
Workplace Topics:

  • Workforce diversity policies and plan of action
  • How to accept differences among fellow employees
  • How to create an more welcoming environment for all consumers
  • How to break down the barriers that separate different types of employees
Educators Topics:

In the classroom, implicit biases  can interfere with emotional growth and social development, frequently resulting in poor performance in social and academic settings. That is why it is important to create a warm and welcoming environment for all students. This workshop will prepare educators to teach students how to respect their own culture and heritage and appreciate  others as well .

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