United Against Discrimination Business List

Guess who supports Athens Anti-Discrimination Movement Sticker Campaign! Below is a list of businesses in downtown Athens, Ga and surrounding areas who have joined the Athens “United Against Discrimination” sticker campaign. When you see this sticker on a business door or window,  it symbolizes that everyone is welcomed regardless of race, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, or immigration status. “Everyone is Welcomed!” So we encourage local citizens to support businesses that support the movement!

By launching this campaign, Our goal is to help stimulate more culture and diversity in Downtown Athens and to create an environment were ever one feel welcomed.

Click here to find out more about AADM “United Against Discrimination” sticker campaign.

  1. Agora 
  2. Agua Linda
  3. Artinis
  4. Atomic
  5. Barberitos (dt)
  6. Ben and Jerry Ice Cream (dt)
  7. Beth Cyr Jewelry (Chase Street Warhouse)
  8. Cine
  9. CPR
  10. Dawg Gone Food
  11. Eddie Calzones
  12. Five Bar
  13. Go Bar
  14. Hendershots
  15. Hilo (Bar/Venue)
  16. Hookah Hookup
  17. Hot Breath
  18. Jittery Joes (dt),
  19. Journey Juice
  20. Little Kings (Bar/Venue)
  21. Manhattan’s (Bar/Venue)
  22. Mother Pho, contact: Caroline
  23. Native American Gallery
  24. Normal Bar (Bar/Venue)
  25. Pitaya
  26. Pouch
  27. Pub at Gameday (Bar/Venue)
  28. Shokitini
  29. Sister Louisa’s (Church bar)
  30. Taco Stand (dt),
  31. Taste of India
  32. The Co-op
  33. The Grit
  34. The National (Restaurant Workshop)
  35. T-Mobile (Hawthorne Ave)
  36. Wilsons Barbershop (dt)
  37. Wing Zone
  38. World Famous (Bar/Venue)