Civil Rights Program

AADM Civil Rights program and council was created to provide immediate and effective assistance to citizens who may have been discriminated against or treated unfairly at home, work, school or at a place of business. AADM Civil Rights council is made up of AADM Board members and non-board members, volunteers, and members of the community. Advocates will assist in fighting against discrimination and advocating for all citizens legal rights.

What make us different from a government based citizens committee?   

  • AADM Civil Rights program gives us more flexibility in making decisions and taking action when needed.

  • AADM provide assistance and help to reduce discriminatory behavior within our community

  • Members will be proactive in addressing the needs of the community with respect to diversity, inclusion, and the rights of the poor and disenfranchised.

  • Advocates will help to provide a voice to the voiceless in the community

What to expect?

AADM  in-house Civil Rights Council will monitor and provide assistance to anyone who has experienced discrimination in Athens, Clarke County and surround areas. This new task team is made of legal and social justice professionals who will begin to collect, monitor, and analyze data relating to allegations of discrimination or harassment. In addition, the Council will offer assistance, guidance and referrals to legal resources.

ACR Task team will work with organizations such a Southern Poverty Law Center,  the American Civil Liberties Union, and more.  AADM hopes to partner with Athens Clarke County Unified Government to ensure that all citizens’ rights are protected.

The duties of the AADM CRC include:

  • Monitor the local government actions towards eliminating discrimination;

  • Gather and review information from the AADM Discrimination Survey

  • Provide resources and legal referrals if someone has been discriminated against and show individuals how to take action

  • Write an overall summary every 30 days based online submissions.

AADM Civil Rights Council does not provide legal advice. We can only give referrals and provide resources. Advocates will be assigned based on individual cases and circumstances that need immediate attention.

How To Get Help:  Easy as 1 – 2 – 3

Step 1: Fill out discrimination survey and tell your story

Step 2:  AADM Civil Rights Advocate will contact you in 48-72 hrs, if assistance is needed

Step 3: Advocate will provide resources and/or attorney referral and provide support until issue is properly addressed